Hello all,

Extension Corona measurements

So, the Dutch government just stated tonight that the Corona measurements are extended till 28th of April.
Secretly hoping but knowing better that maybe maybe we would open the doors again on the 6th. But unfortunately it isn’t so.

Continue ZUU class online

That means we are going to continue with giving ZUU classes online live through ZOOM till the 28th of April but in a paid format.

Are you keen in?

  • An home workout without needing any equipment?
  • Which is a full body workout that uses mobility and bodyweight training exercises?
  • Working up a sweat? Oh yeah!
  • Training with others but in the comfort of your home?
  • Working out where you don’t need so much space? 1 x 2 m is fine.

Then the ZUU classes online are a perfect fit for you!

Want to read more about ZUU? Check here.

These classes are suitable for every body at every level.It will include a warm up, a main part and a cool down. Be prepared to sweat!

How to register?

Just head over to our timetable, look up a class and book yourself a spot! To make it easier, click here for the link to the schedule


If you have any questions, feel free to hit us up through DM on Insta or FB, mail or the contact form

So hopefully see you in one of the online classes!
Be safe, stay home, stay healthy and keep moving!

Cheers, Jimmy and Vera

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