Haarlemmer Houttuinen 519, 1013 GM, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hooray we’re opening again!

But with some things to take in consideration due to COVID-19.

To sum it up:

  1. Make sure you can answer all questions from the health checklist with a “NO”.
  2. Always book your training spot online. Whether this is through our own website, OneFit or ClassPass
  3. For the ART Boxing, Bagtraining and Boksfit classes bring your own gear like, gloves, wraps and shin guards.
  4.  Change at home cause our dressing room is too small to apply the 1,5m distance to one and another
  5. Wash hands before entering the mat and after.
  6. Toilets are accesible.

As for the Health check list,  if you can answer all questions negative, come and book that training session!

 – Did you have one or more of the following symptoms in the past 24 hours ? Coughing, symptoms of a cold, fever, shortness of breath, loss of taste and smell
– Does someone in your household have a fever and/or shortness of breath?Have you had a novel coronavirusinfection?
(Labtest in the past 7 days)?
– Does someone in your family or household have a COVID-19 infection, and have you had contact with them in the past 14 days while they still had problems?
– Are you in quarantaine because you have had direct contact with someone with a confirmed COVID-19 infection?