Betty de Regt about herself:

30 years ago I completed my dance education at the Amsterdam School of the Arts and started working as a dance teacher, choreographer and dancer. Curious as I am, I have become acquainted with other movement disciplines such as Aikido, belly dance and Yoga for the last 12 years. I did my yoga courses with Anat Geiger and Marcel van de Vis of Yogagarden and with Mind Body connections Europe Frederique Sardais, Susanne Galfredi and Jo Marie.

Yin and Yang are inextricably linked. In the West, the emphasis in physical training is on Yang; actively train the muscles (yang tissue) with willpower. In recent years, the importance of training the fascia tissue, which in itself is yin, has become more and more popular.
You train fascia by staying in one position for a long time and letting time and gravity work for you.

“Yin is allowing;
if you can allow what is there, what comes up during your practice with kindness and curiosity there is a lot of movement in your stillness”