This class is about learning and immediately applying the techniques how to defend yourself when you find yourself on the ground.
Brazilian Jiu Jits also called BJJ is used here as a defending technique instead of a sports competition technique.

Perfect class if you’re up for a practical trainings. Learn by doing.

The first 4 Thursday sessions are introductionary, so if you ever been curious to self-defense, this is a great opportunity to get acquinted with it. No worries if you can’t make it to 4 sessions in a row, you can come and train with each session single. The focus is self-defense from the ground.

Every Thursday evening, 6 – 7 PM

Because this is groundwork training,wear long training trousers/ leggings and t-shirt or if you have a rashguard that’s even better.

Ryan Valdivieso has 15+  years experience in divers martial arts / sports: kyokushin karate, kickboxing, muay thai, eskrima and wing chun and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ( BJJ).