Shared passion

The JYM Movement is founded by a shared passion of moving through martials arts and mobility training to maintain ones health and fitness by working out together and inspiring others to do so.

Encouragement and support

We found out that working out in a group and actively encouraging each other during training helps the other person improving and taking it a step further. 

Explain, explain and explain

know why you move and how you move

But what does that mean?
First every BODY is different, meaning everbody moves different, even when you get the same set of exercises you will do it according your body or lets say level. There’s no wrong or right. Just understanding. That’s why we make a great effort for you to understand where you stumble upon on and how you can work on it. 

Community feeling

Everybody is welcome, wether you’re young, old, fit or not fit or whatever. Everybody is here to work on themselves through different practices and trainings we offer. 
Train hard but also with a lot of fun!