Haarlemmer Houttuinen 519, 1013 GM, Amsterdam, Netherlands

About Us

The JYM Movement is a neighbourhood martial arts studio in Amsterdam Centre West. We give sports training as well as personal development trainings for everybody regardless their income.

We value connection, open mind to learn and to apply and to respect one and another.

Next to the trainings we try to give back to the community, neighbourhood, by organising a Buurderij or collaborating with neighbourhood organisation Dock.


Our Mission

To stay fit and healthy in a durable way. Meaning know how and why to apply movements and therefore be also conscious in moving to maintain a healthy mind and body, injury free.

Our trainers

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Jimmy Veldijk

Owner, headtrainer

Vera Taihuttu


Delano Veldwijk


Creating a safe (sport) training enviroment together


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Know why and then apply

Jimmy Veldwijk

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