Two ladies sparring ART Boxing wearing full protection gear. Head gear, shin guards and boxing gloves.

What is it?

ART Boxing is a combination of boxing, kickboxing, savate,  Kyokushinkai karate. Muay Thai and bag training and technique. A new form of standing mixed martial arts.
A class of drilling new patterns, lot of explanation of why you and how you do a move to improve.

This is a class where you learn how to integrate different patterns, different fighttechniques in relationship with your own level, body, making a true art, hence ART Boxing.

The emphasis is: be eager to learn, can you be a student?

Trainer Jimmy Veldwijk has an in depth knowledge and skills in Kyokushinkai karate, Savate, Kickboxing and boxing combined with a huge amounts of fights from a time social media did not exist yet. You can read more about Jimmy here.