The JYM Movement is a dojo, which means:
A dojo is a space of commitment in which people practice together. What is powerful about the dojo is what it tells us of learning, and ultimately, of waking up, of being alive. In that context here are our house rules we adhere:


  • Attend training in a clean, hygiëne manner, think of clean, short, cut nails. 
  • Wear clean and appropriate clothing.
  • Do not wear shoes on the mat unless they are specially designed for it.


  • Enter the mat when the former training is finished not before.
  • Only practice techniques suggested by the trainer.
  • Safety measure: Only leave the mat with the permission of the trainer during a class.
  • Do not take food or drinks onto the mat
  • The use of doping and stimulants is prohibited;
  • The use of poorly maintained and / or unsafe materials and aids is prohibited; this applies to the materials and aids of the organization as well as those of the member.
  • Participation in the lessons is only allowed if the health status of (assistant) trainers and members allows it

Point of view

  • Listen carefully to the trainer when she/ he speaks.
  • When a trainer explains pay attention untill explanation is finished.
  • Respect everyone and don’t hurt anyone while training techniques.
  • Train with everyone, including people you might not like.
  • Have patience, do not fight.
  • Cocky behaviour, intimidation, agressive and / or transgressive behaviour aren’t allowed
  • Maintain awareness, control and concentration in everything you do.
  • Make sure you are on time for class.
  • When breaking the code of martial arts, terminiation of ones membership is in immediate effect and the person is no longer welcome at the gym.