Jimmy Veldwijk is an ART Boxing trainer who;

Helps anyone who is interested in using different martial arts to learn how and why certain body movements are done in martial arts and how you can apply them.
Helps and trains professional fighters to deepen and sharpen their fighting skills by explaining why and how a fighting move is used.

In addition to ART Boxing, he also teaches the following training:  Core & Strength training, Mobility & bodyweight training, Strictly kickboxing and Zak training.
Because of his passion for martial arts, you can still see him training at other martial arts schools such as Sanda boxing and BJJ, to hone his own skills.



Competing in Kyokushin karate in his teens
ZUU Silver certification with ZUU founder Nathan Helberg – 2018, UK

Picture above – Dutch Savate champion – 1983, NL
No picture- European Savate champion – 1982, France
Giving a kickboxing clinic at a Savate meetup in Paris with his teacher Lucien Carbin – 80’s, FR
Attending a Sanda clinic, always still learning, 2018, NL