Role: Confidential Contact Person (CCP)

Who are you?

hey dude!! I’m Jeff, you may have seen me in a workout wearing my rainbow or D&D hat, sweating and occasionally burping as I try to keep up :)I am from the United States, near Boston. I live in Amsterdam with my wife Bibi and our son Wolfram. (Which you may have seen here too).

What are hobbies / passion / interests?
I love anime!!! ..and candy and cookies and playing Dungeon’s and Dragons and oh chocolate!!

Why are you a member of The JYM Movement?
When I joined The JYM Movement, I fell in love with the atmosphere, exercises, great knowledge and… everything! I tend to stay in places that feel like home to me. So this is one of them.

Why did you become a VCP?
I volunteered to be a VCP because I love The JYM Movement and I want to do my part to make it a safe place for everyone.

You can contact Jeff via