Do you get confronted with yourself during sports training?

Or in other situations? And you would actually like to “spar” about this? If so, continue reading


Through “power of difference cards’ we offer you a moment of self-reflection to explore or discover which layers are yours and where your sources of power or potential energy drainers are.
Each layer has its own story. It’s up to you which layer you want to explore. The cards make this visible and therefore tangible and with this you discover the large amount of possibilities within yourself.
This session will give you space to slow down, discover, observ,  analyse your reactions, feelings or thoughts on these layers. In other words. Give some space for self observation where the cards function as a mirror. 

“kickstart your process to become more conscious” – Vera Taihuttu

How does a session look like?

  • The trainer gives a short explanation of the cards (there are 19).
  • You choose a few of them.
  • With the your chosen cards we start with “sparring”, meaning we go through the cards.
  • Evaluation sparring session.


1 hour


  • You uncover essential parts of yourself which in turn can be the base to continue your journey of personal development.
  • A base which is based on consciousness / awareness
  • You’ll get an introduction to self observation; self-reflection


65 euro for 1 session of an hour.

How to book a session?

Send a message through the Contact form, here.


Vera Taihuttu is not only a sports trainer, but also a certified ‘Mindfulness based Cognitive Therapist’ who uses ‘Power of difference – Diversity Cards’ according to Marten Bos.
More about the cards can be found here: